Top 20 Nightclubs in the US List for 2016 by Entice Media Group

Top 20 Nightclubs in the US List for 2016 released today by Entice Media Group. See who made our list: Top 20 Nightclubs in the US List for 2016 by Entice Media Group

announces the annual Top 20 Nightclubs in the US List for 2015.  The list, is not only based on annual revenue listing of high-grossing nightlife venues but also based on the party goers feedback and experience, our own experiences and based on the venue decor and sound itself.

Las Vegas Hakkasan Nightclub at MGM Grand, has to be a front runner of any list of this kind but so is XS Nightclub and Surrender at Encore Las Vegas, NV, do you see anything in common, well yes all three clubs are located in “Sin City” simply that puts you as a club in a greater position to top revenues compared to any club in a more regulated state like California. That is why we refuse to base our top 20 in purely revenue. Our goal with this list is to present to you the best places where to party regardless of the income and profits of the venue.

Entice Media Group recognises that putting a successful nightclub concept as a business system is complicated but also recognises that presenting a unique nightlife experience can make a difference on revenue, so in conclusion we think it is a combination of the two and which ever club can accomplish this has to be recognised on our list.

Although there are other list out there that focus more on the revenue like The Nightclub & Bar Top 100, and yes we know and agree, the nightclub business is not a fair place to begin with, but we sure believe that we can rate nightclubs more accurately and fairly, in a fair game you have to measure according to your market and it has to be judge by your market standards and your own party crowd. That is why we bring EMG’s Top twenty Nightlife Spots in the US for 2016.

Without saying anything else here is our list enjoy:


Rank  Concept Name  Website Location  Rating out of 100 Points
1 Hakkasan Las Vegas, NV 98
2 XS Nightclub Las Vegas, NV 97
3 TAO Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV 96
4 Surrender Nightclub Las Vegas, NV 96
5 LIV Miami Beach, FL 95
6 E11EVEN Miami, FL 94
7 LAVO New York New York, NY 93
8 Story Miami Beach, FL 92
9 The Pool After Dark Atlantic City, NJ 91
10 Club Space Miami, FL 90
11 Story Miami, FL 89
12 Avenu Lounge Dallas, TX 88
13 Sutra OC Los Angeles, CA 88
14 Levu Dallas Dallas, TX 88
15 The Pool After Dark Atlantic City, NJ 87
16 Marquee NY New York, NY 87
17 Avalon Hollywood Los Angeles, CA 86
18 Maya Nightclub Scottsdale, AZ 86
19 FLUXX San Diego, CA 85
20 Create Nightclub Los Angeles, CA 85
Honorable Mention The Argyle Hollywood Los Angeles, CA 85